Larre’s moose excursion is not a hunting trip, it’s an annual migration. Several times he’s declared a trip to be his last, only to be pulled back again the next year by some magnetic force.


By the Fourth of July, the homing beacon starts to ping and he begins making daily checks of weather and river forecasts. The puttering in his storage shed becomes more frequent as he checks and organizes equipment. In August he’s making his shopping lists, then packing tubs with groceries and clothes, loading his trailer and car, and heading north for 4 or 5 weeks.


As a bonus he gets to drive off-road for two days in and two days out, sleep in a tent, cook over a fire, and spy on creatures great and small in their natural habitat (see the pica on our Facebook page—it’s really cute). Then there’s all the quality time with friends and male bonding. Plus he has a functional purpose to shoot a gun.

Larre says 2016 was his last moose hunt. We'll see in July.

It’s not the hunting that draws him, it’s the place. Being in the immense wilderness surrounded by the looming beauty of the mountains puts him at peace. His soul recharges as he feels the rhythms of life change from late summer to autumn and then to early winter.