Larre and his brother Tuck hunted Kodiak brown bear the last week of April in 1986. It was Larre's first "last chance for an Alaska hunt."


We were planning to move to Wisconsin that summer. The brothers had many great hunts together while they were both living in Alaska, and they weren't sure if they would have another chance. This was just a few years before Larre started his annual September moose hunts.


The float plane couldn't land on Paramanof  Bay because the freshwater that flows into it was frozen. Walking on the ice was much easier than climbing through brush for their 10-mile hike to set up camp. Good thing they didn't encounter thin ice.

Larre and Tuck set up camp in a thick stand of towering Sitka spruce. Equipment included one tent, two sleeping bags, a couple tarps, two 1-burner cook stoves, a cook kit and hip boots. They stashed their freeze-dried food in a duffel bag and hung it from a tree limb.


Blizzard conditions  hit them early in the week. Conditions warmed up enough later to grab a nap on a sunny hillside.

Strong winds blew the ice out of Paramanof Bay, so the guys were able to use their canoe to travel across and along the large bay.

They spotted two brown bears during their 10-day hunt. You'll have to listen to the episode to hear how close they got to one.

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